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Holy Family Spiritual Healing Chapel
for Affiliates of Mary's Glen

holy family chapel.jpg

A place of spiritual healing for those who have lost a child by

  • miscarriage

  • stillbirth

  • illness

  • accident

  • abortion

  • other loss 

and for those who feel their own childhood has been lost or injured due to 

  • neglect 

  • abuse

and those who are praying for their children for any reason

Come.  Sit in the peaceful, small nursery. 

Select a life like doll from the bassinette to represent your child. Or yourself.

Pray for the child. 

Name your child.

Pray for yourself. 

Dress your child.

Rock your child.

Take your child for a walk around Mary's Glen.

Use the materials in the nursery. 

Record your child's name in the journal, on a prayer card, on a memorial stone.

Spend as much time as you need. 

Be quiet with the Lord and with yourself and your child.

When you are ready, entrust your child to the welcoming arms of the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. See, they are waiting to cuddle and love your child once you release him or her into their care. 

Take with you an entrustment prayer card and go in peace. 

Come back as often as you wish. 

May God give you healing and peace. 

Blessing of Holy Family Spiritual Healing Chapel
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Father Patrick Hake, Celebrant

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